7 Why’s – Homestays are a better option to stay in Goa


Here's are the  7 reasons why homestays are a  better option to stay in Goa versus hotels . Yes, it is an  economical option for the guest and homestays provides  extra income to the host.From the time Airbnb and Booking.com penetrated in the Indian Market , the homestay category has opened the window of opportunities in the e- Tourism sector exponentially; both for the host and the guests.. It is presumed that the expected growth in Indian Travel market will $40 Billion by 2020 said - Nathan Blecharczyk, CTO & Co-Founder of Airbnb.

India’s strength has been its fascinating History, Diversity, Culture and Heritage . As a tourist if you want to experience all the above, hence homestays are a better option to stay in Goa.

While we think of a relaxed or an adventurous vacation, Goa tops the chart as one of the favorite tourist spots amongst others. Homestays in Goa have been giving major competition to the hotel accommodation industry in the city.

Here’s 7 Reasons Why Homestays are a better option to stay in Goa :

  1. Economical – Homestays are 40 - 50% more cost effective versus a hotel accommodation. We all want our vacations to be memorable with worthwhile experience, so while we don’t compromise on how we travel, we also don’t wish to bargain about where to stay. Goa offers different kind of homestays suiting the requirements like Old Portuguese Goa Homes, Classic Luxury Stay, Eco- Friendly Village stays, Beach Homestays, Yoga & Spas cottages
  2. Cultural Experience – Homestay provides a great cultural blend of west and east. Goa apparently believes in modern and religious outlook at the same time thus making its culture unique. Goa local cuisines are to die for. During the stay with the host , you experience the culture , vibrancy , simplicity and finger licking food.
  3. Personalized Services- The best part of a homestay is you get personalized service. They treat you as their own , make you comfortable and our at your service 24*7. They are your tourist guide when you need, they are the best chefs when you desire to eat authentic food, they are your friends when you desire to talk ,they go out of the way to help you as and when you want . A hotel can never provide that.
  4. More Spacious – Homestays are designed in a manner that it has all the basic necessary amenities for a comfortable stay. They are spacious, cleaner and the way you want.
  5. Local Home cooked food – When in Goa , live like a Goan. Authentic home cooked food for the guests is provided during homestays.
  6. Safe and Secured – Homestays are more safe and secure as the host and the guests are mostly verified. Goa is a small city, so mostly neighbors and Police officials know the locals well.
  7. Explore like a Local- This can only happen, if you live like a local, behave like a local. A homestay service owner can only provide  this kind of an exposure. Your knowledge and experience about the place will be  much deeper and clearer versus a guest who stayed at the hotel. Try it out sometime, you will feel proud of yourself.

If you agree with this blog, do share your experience on why homestays are a better option to stay in Goa .


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