Colours Define You !!

Before I offer you an interesting insight about the magical chemistry between your favourite colour and your personality, let me ask  you…

What’s your favourite colour?


  • Close your eyes for a second and see the first colour comes to your mind
  • Be spontaneous
  • Accept the first colour which you see
  • Follow your instinct (highly recommended)
  • Choose one colour

Hues are a great insight in understanding the behavior and personality type of any individual in all forms. Be it Physical, emotional, mental or even spiritual states..

We humans have favoritism in everything around us , whether amongst friends , family, co-workers, relationships, destinations, dress styles, party-place, Bollywood or Hollywood actor, theatre, singer , artist ,author so on and so forth. Similarly your favourite colour defines “WHO YOU ARE”?

As your favourite colour will showcase your positives, strengths and opportunities, the most disliked colour will talk about your weakness, fear and Inhibitions.

will share the insights based on mere experience and observation in understanding the psychology of strangers, acquaintances, close-ones and foes.

RED : You are - Bold and Beautiful, dynamic, passionate and surely make a lasting impression in any gathering. You enjoy your life to the fullest and believe, “Its one life, which is short, enjoy each day”.

An extrovert personality which can be impulsive and aggressive, while taking important decisions in life.

ON CAREER: A great resource for any company – as they are ACTION & RESULT ORIENTED.

ORANGE : You are – likeable, vibrant ,friendly and an extremely social person .You love attention and the best part is you get it easily . You are loved and respected in the social gathering. Challenges at work or life gives you a high and keeps you going! If given an opportunity you wouldn’t marry. Flamboyancy is in nature. Work on mood swings J

ON CAREER : Go getter & Smart worker, Influencer

YELLOW : You are – a happy idealistic person with great logical aptitude. Creativity is just your thing! You have an optimistic approach towards work and life. You are a perfectionist and a dreamer at the same time. You prefer to be in a compact group of close friends. Your great humor lightens the mood amongst close ones. Your mood swings are unpredictable. You are artistic by nature and like to challenge your inner self to boost your confidence.

ON CAREER : Create ideas, Logical , Analysists, Formulate & strategize plans, Artistic.

GREEN : You are – an open book , expressive and emotional all at the same time. Pretend is not in your dictionary. Your soothing and comforting personality makes you a pleasant person even amongst the strangers. Ability to learn and grasp new ideas is extremely high.

It’s a colour of safety and security .You are ambitious, your financial standing and reputation is of utmost importance to you. Your soft and sacrificing nature in relationship keeps the bond strong. Appreciation and acknowledgement keeps you motivated both in relationship and career.. Balance is your ultimate motto!

ON CAREER : Cohesive co-worker, intelligent, problem – solving approach, quick learner, ambitious

BLUE : You are – the coolest one around ! All the synonyms of peace apply to you. The colour emits the light of trust and sincerity both in relationship and work. Unlike others, you are not an attention seeker. You walk your talk. Confidence and a clear communication has been your strength. In fact you perform best under pressure at work. All you need is your space in personal and professional lives.

ON CAREER: Peace lover, efficient, sincere and an intelligent worker, rigid in thoughts.

PURPLE : You are – a magnificent personality. You are someone everyone desires to be. Your exuberance is the zest of your life. You command respect in any gathering!!Your positive and endowing approach keeps you content and forms the right blend in your personal and professional life.

You love to live your life KING size with great power, finesse  in leisure. Your emotions ride over your practicality most of the time, but that’s what makes you different from the rest. Your pride lies in your wisdom and not in manipulation. Hypocrisy turns you off. Remember your colour attracts insecurities & jealousy… I would suggest enjoy it. Your mysterious nature will always attract the opposite sex towards you; in fact you also have the art to deal with it. You are talkative by nature.

ON CAREER: Hard worker, perseverance, Ambitious, never give up approach, leadership quality, Intelligent & talented

PINK: You are – Hope! You have a calming and soothing effect on people around you. Your soft tender nature makes you desirable and approachable. Your optimistic approach in life motivates and inspires the ones around you and gives them a ray of hope. It’s your greatest strength. I am sure most of you must be called “Agony aunts”. You care, share and nurture your close ones with your compassion and innocence. You are survivor in the most adverse situations.

ON CAREER: Influencer, Positive attitude

WHITE : You are – an unbiased person with an indifferent approach towards anything and everything in life .You are a true reflection of your inner soul. Your rationality in problem solving abilities is high. You are looked upon for seeking qualitative advices both in business and personal life. Your acts are thoughtful and measured. Heart and head are at the right place. Purity is your significance and you like to keep your space intact.

ON CAREER: Rational decision maker, strategists

This next colour, I m sure is long awaited…. To my surprise, while I was interacting and writing about this blog maximum people voted for the colour black and what excited me was that the traits of these personalities were quite different from each other and had the same preference on colour.

BLACK: You are -as the colour defines it , a dominating personality. You reflect power and strength and attract negative and positives vibes from others around you .You create a protective fence around you , which works well in your case. You are intellectually stimulating but prefer to keep your conversation to the point. Most of you are introverts and lack the art of expression. You enjoy your own company the most and somebody invading in your privacy is intolerable. You are nocturnal by nature.

Infact what I observed is 60% of you are extremely possessive about your partners and rest of you give a lot of breathing space to your loved ones. You have your unique way of expressing your feeling through your silent actions. You love speed, gizmos, technology to great extent. Thrill and challenges in life gives the adrenalin rush you have been longing for. Adventurous acts keep you spiced up. You are an interesting combination of mystery and fear. Work on laziness J

ON CAREER: Focused, result oriented, sharp, Quick learner, reliable

Hold on for the next surprise element on…it might just help you plan your next travel vacation!


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