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Content is no more the KING, it’s the KINGDOM. Content marketing will grow to approximately 40% more and will be the most preferred way to connect with existing consumer and potential new users .

Across the world, Organizations spend millions only to maintain its brand recall, but we say “LETS TOUCH THEIR HEART, MIND IS TOO OCCUPIED”.The content strategy should be based on the below mentioned approach:


In Todays Era , we are talking to a very well –informed audience , so it becomes acutely imperative for organizations to create brand new content which benefits the consumer and build a strong connect .



  1. Increases the brand recall – 60% of the marketers believe that personalized content produces higher engagement with the customer. It increases the brand recall and the engagement level.
  2. Quality of content – generating  good content is a skill and users like to read short and to the point content. It increases the engagement level increases in turn increases the traffic on the website thus escalating  the growth in your business.
  3. Cheaper option to generate leads – Lot of people assume that its an expensive proposition but believe me, its not. Its much cheaper than traditional marketing tools used now a days. It’s one of the popular way to engage with your consumer .As per my research and searches, in fact it generates 3 times more leads.
  4. Brand Credibility & Trust – You can increase your brand credibility and trust on a consumer through perceived  content strategy .What more can a brand ask for?
  5. Increase your conversion rate – With the right content and skill, you will evaluate that the conversion rate is approximately 5X as compared to your competitor.
  6. Email marketing – is one of the effective tools if personalized for the subscriber or a new user. Its personal,targeted & is delivered to the customers inbox. It’s a cheap option and gives you great benefits.
  7. Increase traffic on website – If done well, with valuable content which is engaging, it will provide 7 times more traffic to your website than your competition.
  8. Pop ups Vs Ad Blocker – When the rage of internet marketing started, we experienced every search on the internet had these pop ads on the sides or top or bottom. That was push marketing. Thinking of this irritates me even now . With advancement in technology pop ups and ads are being blocked by the user .So marketers have to look at various other options to increase the engagement with their customer. The recipe is “CONTENT “ & “CONTENT MARKETING”

We at Blogwalks build a content strategy and market it for you.


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