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While I was busy dating words and fell for writing –A Passionate Blogger was born. Although I was clocked up with writing, the new me became a traveler too. Sooner than I realized the cocktail of ardor to write, love for travel and my professional skill set gave rise to Blogwalks. It took me 12 years to create what I love. Being a marketing professional I understand the needs of a brand ,thanks to my career and with the passion to write and love to explore the unexplored led to a creation of Blogwalks.Our services include Content Marketing, Blog Writing,Product Reviews,Influencer Marketing and Social Media Marketing  for brands.



"A satisfied customer is our business strategy". We acknowledge that your "BRAND" is the single most  important investment you make in your business.


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We strongly believe marketing is all about "How you tell your story to the consumer"...

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We take pride in working with integrity , passion and tenacity.


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Puneet Dhillon


A Marketing Professional for over 12 year working for leading media companies and start up world, today she is her own boss.She is qualified as a Post Graduate - International Business, Google Certified - Advanced Digital Marketing.Her experience lead her to create a content driven services platform providing client's one stop solution to  "Create your Brand's Success story".

She is a storyteller with a swag.She loves to travel, explore and discover the new trends in various interests and fields.Beyond her accomplished career she enjoys participating in adventure car rally,Baking,Movies and Dancing.


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